UNC HockeySeniors night and stevenson University game
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Seniors night and stevenson University game

For the last home game of the regular season, the North Carolina Tar Heels faced Stevenson in a memorable matchup that also served as a celebration for Senior Night. Before the start of the game, the Tar Heels took a moment to honor and congratulate their seniors: Henry Foster, Patrik Peltola, Leighton Walsh, Joel Hughes, David Mahan, and Carter Tanner who have devoted countless hours and shown unwavering loyalty to this team throughout their years as a Tar Heel. Thank you, seniors!

Riding the momentum from their successful road weekend, the Tar Heels were determined to extend their impressive win streak. The team’s performance was nothing short of spectacular, as the Tar Heels quickly established a 3-0 lead in the first period. Their offensive prowess continued throughout the game, and by the end of the second period, they were comfortably ahead, winning 5-0. The Tar Heel’s defense was equally formidable, limiting Stevenson’s scoring opportunities and keeping them shut out through 2 periods.

In the third period, Stevenson managed to get onto the scoresheet, but Tar Heels responded with resilience, adding to their lead to make it 8-1. Despite Stevenson netting two more goals, the Tar Heels remained in control, scoring once more to secure a decisive 9-3 victory. This win not only celebrates our seniors but also showcases the Tar Heels’ exceptional talent and teamwork. As we approach the playoffs, our team’s spirit and skill are at an all-time high.