UNC Hockeytarheels Take home the cup
Governors Cup Locker room

tarheels Take home the cup


In a spectacular end-of-year clash, the North Carolina Tar Heels faced off against the NC State Icepack in the much-anticipated Governor’s Cup held at PNC Arena. Over 6,000 enthusiastic fans witnessed a nail-biting encounter that encapsulated the spirit of college hockey.


The game began with palpable tension, as the Tar Heels, despite initial nerves, broke through NC State’s defense to score the opening goal. The Icepack responded swiftly, evening the score at 1-1 as the first period came to a close.


Entering the second period with renewed vigor, the Tar Heels wasted no time, scoring just seconds in. The Tar Heels maintained relentless pressure and extended the lead to 3-1 at the midway point of the second period. NC State however wasn’t going anywhere and showcased their resilience, scoring a much-needed bounce back goal to limit the damage heading into the 3rd period. 



The third period was a defensive masterclass from both teams, resulting in a scoreless stretch until the final moments. In a dramatic turn, NC State managed to tie the game with just two minutes remaining. But it was Patrick O’Shaughnessy who emerged as the hero for the Tar Heels, scoring a stunning goal to reclaim the lead. Captain Henry Foster sealed the deal with an empty netter, his second goal of the night, bringing the final score to a thrilling 5-3 victory for the Tar Heels.


It’s worth noting the evenly matched nature of this game. Both teams tied in shots (30 each) and were closely matched in scoring chances and hits. This level of competition made the victory even more satisfying. As we close the calendar year with this exhilarating win, we reflect on the hard-fought battles and the sheer dedication of our team. We are incredibly proud of their performance and grateful for the unwavering support of our fans.