MVP - To the overall most valuable player on the team: AJ HAMEL


Offensive Player of the Year - To the most valuable offensive player: RICKY CHEN


Defensive Player of the YearTo the most valuable defensive player: IAN HAWKINS


Unsung Hero - To the player who has made significant contributions to the success of the team and received the least recognition for it: BEN SISEMORE


Rookie of the Year - To the most valuable rookie player: KYLE OLIVEIRA


Outstanding Academic Student Athlete - To the student athlete who has demonstrated the greatest commitment and achievement in his academic endeavors: NICK KEITH


Sportsmanship of the Year - To a player who has reflected qualities of integrity & character while representing Carolina Hockey on and off the ice: BEN SISEMORE


Most Determined Player - To the player who has shown perseverance in making outstanding contributions to the team's success both individually & to the team: BEN SISEMORE


Ironman Award - To the player who has shown the most dedication to the individual and team goals on the ice, as well as, the strength and conditioning program: CHRIS VAIU